The Limits of Economic Populism with Donald Schneider

Donald Schneider & Daniel Kane

March 01, 2020

Our view of the modern economy often pits American industrial workers who have fallen behind against assorted elites who rig the system for their own benefit. While there is some truth to this story, it is also false and misleading. Seeing just how would help us think more clearly about economic and social policy.

In this episode, guest Donald Schneider discusses the massive economic shifts America has experienced in the last several decades and how they have contributed to labor inequality. He then suggests some policies that might begin to address this inequality and that go beyond simply railing against elites. 

Donald is a member of Cornerstone Macro’s policy research team and the former chief economist for the House Committee on Ways and Means. This podcast discusses concepts from Don’s essay in the Fall 2019 issue of National Affairs, “Elites and the Economy.”


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