Lincoln at Gettysburg with Diana Schaub

Diana Schaub & Devorah Goldman

July 07, 2019

Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address surely stands with the Apology of Socrates and the Funeral Oration of Pericles among the great speeches offered at crucial civic moments in human history. In this episode, Diana Schaub joins Devorah and Dan to discuss why it can be hard to appreciate the scope of Lincoln’s achievement. To truly understand how a statement so brief could run so deep and last so long, Schaub says that we must carefully consider its substance and structure, and its place in Lincoln's thought.

Diana Schaub is a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, where her work is focused on American political thought and history, particularly Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, African American political thought, Montesquieu, and the relevance of core American ideals to contemporary challenges and debates. She is also a professor of political science at Loyola University Maryland, where she has taught for almost three decades. This podcast is inspired by Diana's essay from the Spring 2014 issue of National Affairs, “Lincoln at Gettysburg.”



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