Can Pro-family Policy Unite the Right?

Howe Whitman III , Daniel Wiser, Jr. & John Shelton

June 23, 2024

Politics requires building coalitions in order to win elections. For those on the right, this means there is no alternative but to pursue some kind of fusionism among its competing elements. A revitalized fusionism would not look quite like the right's prior successful coalitions, however: It would need to account for 21st-century realities, which means it will need to put family policy at the forefront of its agenda. Guest John Shelton joins us to discuss how conservatives might unite around pro-family rulemaking.

John Shelton is the policy director for Advancing American Freedom, an advocacy organization founded by former vice president Mike Pence. 

This podcast discusses themes from John's essay in the Summer 2024 issue of National Affairs, "A Family-focused Fusionism."


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