The Public Interest

Western man’s burden?

Clifford Orwin

Winter 1996

IN The End of Racism: Principles for a Multiracial Society,† Dinesh D’Souza aims to provide an authoritative summation of the race question in America. For the most part, he offers the conventional counter-wisdom in these matters. He artfully canvasses and adapts the work of a multitude of scholars in history, sociology, anthropology, political science, and economics who dissent from the prevailing academic consensus on race and racism. His tone is for the most part temperate, and he is unfailingly generous to his adversaries. The result is a work that is both long (736 densely packed pages, of which 555 are text) and extraordinarily comprehensive. No review can possibly do justice to the sweep and detail of D’Souza’s treatment of just about every subject relevant to the question of race.

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