The Public Interest

“People work”—the youth culture and the labor market

Brigitte Berger

Spring 1974

IN early 1971 an article by Peter Berger and myself, entitled “The Blueing of America,” was published in The New Republic. It was written under the stimulus (a very negative stimulus) of Charles Reichs The Greening of America, which in turn represented a certain climax of the mood among many intellectuals in the late 1960’s. This mood was characterized by a violent repudiation of the political, social, and cultural realities of America, and by a celebration of the youth culture and the counterculture, along with a shifting array of radical movements that were to be the salvation of the country. Reichs book also helped to depoliticize this mood, turning it away from politically-oriented radicalism to what was alleged to be a “cultural revolution.”

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