How Conservatives Are Confronting Climate Change with Alex Bozmoski and Nate Hochman

Alex Bozmoski , Nate Hochman & Evan Myers

January 09, 2022

Conservatives have been on the sidelines of climate-policy debates for several decades now. In recent years, however, a new force has appeared in climate politics: the Eco-right. Guests Alex Bozmoski and Nate Hochman join us to discuss the different factions within this movement of scrappy, conservative-leaning non-profits and think tanks, and explain how they can best work together to guide and embolden the right on climate-related issues.

Alex Bozmoski is the vice president for programs at DEPLOY/US. Nate Hochman is an Intercollegiate Studies Institute fellow at National Review and a recent graduate of Colorado College.

This podcast discusses themes from Alex and Nate’s essay in the Fall 2021 issue of National Affairs, “The Future of Conservative Climate Leadership.” 


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