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To place an ad in the pages of National Affairs or on our website, please contact managing editor Emily Schultheis by email at, or by phone at 202-289-4100.

Advertising in the print journal


          Full page: 6" (w) x 9" (h) bleed / 5.75" (w) x 8.75" (h) non-bleed 

          Half page: 5.75" (w) x 4.25" (h) non-bleed

          Full page: $1,000 (grayscale only) 
          Half page: $600 (grayscale only)

Advertising on our website

We offer four options for advertising on

1. Header banner ad
675 x 90 pixels
Displayed throughout the site at the top of each page
$2,000 per month

2. Footer banner ad
675x90 pixels
Displayed throughout the site at the bottom of each page
$750 per month

3. Vertical banner ad
Displayed on the homepage in the right column
$500 per month

4. Large button ad
213x239 pixels
Displayed on the homepage in the right column
$250 per month

To discuss more specific requests (like custom-sized ads, or advertising attached to particular articles) please contact us at the email address or number above.


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